Whether or not you have healthcare experience and training, you can get healthcare workforce ready through our world-class training program. Military to Medicine® delivers career-specific, online training that leads to entry-level jobs. We’re closing the gap between those extended military family members interested in pursuing or continuing healthcare careers, and access to the training they need.

The Military to Medicine Three Step Process

Eligible Participants

  • Military spouses
  • Wounded warriors and their caregivers
  • Veterans
  • National Guard, Reserve and their spouses
  • Service members transitioning to civilian employment

Training That’s Accessible Anywhere

Military to Medicine delivers online job training to the extended military family via a virtual learning environment that delivers on-demand education — training that’s available wherever you are.

Military to Medicine specifically focuses on the development of content suitable for obtaining career-entry jobs, and on content to facilitate service members during their transition from the military to civilian careers in healthcare.

Guidance and Support

Doing your coursework online doesn’t mean you’re in this alone. Military to Medicine creates an online community for each class to meet one another, build community and ask questions of the instructor and each other. In typical military family style, the students come together and help each other, share information and form bonds that make our learning process a positive experience. You’ll also have your instructor for guidance and to help you through the application and course selection process, you’ll receive assistance from our Student Services team.

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